January 2020 Updates

January marked the start of a brand new year for Guilly, with many exciting activities lined up this month 🙂 Toy Car Painting We started the year with a mass painting session! Our trainees got to express their creativity and imagination through painting their very own wooden toy cars, which were kindly given to us… Continue reading January 2020 Updates


December 2019 Updates

Family Day At the beginning of the month, Guilly attended MYG Family Day at Nanyang Technological University. Family members and caregivers came along to attend talks for caregivers. The volunteers and trainees participated in booth games where they can exchange their points for prizes. There were also various cultural performances put up by the CCA… Continue reading December 2019 Updates

November 2019 Updates

Pesta Kampung 2019 Guilly got the opportunity to take part in Pesta Kampung 2019, which was an event organized by Ground-Up Initiative to encourage people to explore and experience farming. Our tour guide brought us for a tour around the kampung and shared with us the various activities conducted there. Both the caregivers and trainees… Continue reading November 2019 Updates